The Devil Cannot Create, so he Counterfeits

The devil did not create the plants. The devil did not create the planets. The devil didn’t create E minor, F major or any musical note. Not the concept of music either. The devil didn’t create the breath in our lungs, the depths in the oceans nor the universe.

The devil didn’t create any of it because he cannot. It’s his inability that exposes him.

What’s the next best option from a strategic standpoint for him?

To counterfeit. So that’s what he does. Listen carefully. The devil’s regime is more strategic, more ordered, more battlefield ready than many Christians could conceive. The enemy works with more order than a lot of Christians do in their own prayer life or daily routine connecting with God.

This is a battle. This world is in warfare.

Let me demonstrate my prior point.

Just what DID the devil create? Nothing. Just what did he distort? Everything God created.

  • The devil couldn’t create the gift of sex so he distorted and created the counterfeit: Lust. Prostitution. Brothels. Sex slavery. Porn. Sex for money. Sex for show. All to bring short pleasure trips and to keep the culprit obsessed in his/her own desire like a glutton who’s eaten so much he cannot move out of the prison of his own bedroom.
  • The mind and the will. He couldn’t create such entities with beautiful freedom. Instead he went ahead and convinces us God is withholding something good from us. Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Incomprehensible weight on our emotions and dark clouds. All effects of his game. All results of the brokenness he plays off.
  • Dark Magic. Psychics. Consulting the “dead” through mediums. Witchcraft. Using your “witch” powers to “help the world.” It’s a real thing. None of it is from God. I promise you with all my being. Yet it captures the hearts and minds of those who practice it because it gives the appearance of helping people and the world. It’s not blatantly evil. Doesn’t change the fact it’s a supernatural power not from the Lord. It’s all bad fruit from the same disgusting tree, the demonic one. Be encouraged, if you turn from it and to God He will forgive you completely and never look back.
  • It’s just a counterfeit of the real power God has. So what’s the real deal then if we speak of a counterfeit? God’s power. God heals. God restores. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God is still in the business of healing people today, restoring sight to blind eyes and hearing to deaf ears. And the greatest miracle of them all is God healing our “spiritual eyes” and opening them up to behold Him. To save us from eternal hellfire. And to actually know Him.

The Real Deal

  • Many believers actually have various gifts from God where they will get a specific word for others, called a “word of knowledge” or something to specifically pray for them somebody about. Many times the Spirit will even lead a person to just go about as usual talking to another person and then will speak something that the person absolutely needed to hear. And it doesn’t take consulting a medium to do it. It doesn’t take rubbing a crystal ball. God’s power can always be accessed, unlike the bad radio channel psychics get where they cannot control random visions and sources of info they get. Do not be deceived, the Lord loves psychics. More than psychics love each other. He just despises the practice and wants them to know His love because it’s BETTER.
  • If that’s you, please be aware and turn from that and to God. Read the Word of God and be instead consumed by His love. I can promise God will replace that freaky uncontrollable manifestation with His manifestations which are powerful, potent and life giving. And the fruit of such gifts leads people to Christ and knowing how overwhelmingly personal God is and how much He cares about us unlike sorcery and witchcraft which leads people falsely to believe how good and powerful they are and how they can continue to consult “the dead” which is really just consulting demons who replicate the voices of deceased people. Yes, demons can do that. They have demonic power.

God is in the business of giving good gifts to His children and there are many varieties of gifts, yet the same Spirit who gives them all.

“My dear brothers and sisters, don’t be fooled. Every good present and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father who made the sun, moon, and stars. The Father doesn’t change like the shifting shadows produced by the sun and the moon.”
‭‭James‬ ‭1:16-17‬ ‭GW‬‬ 



Alex Oram

June 15

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