God Introduces you to People who look like how you eventually will.

This quote and concept is by Pastor Keion Henderson, Pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston Texas.

The idea is so good. How valuable is it that God’s best purposes for His people are often revealed through people. His people. His chosen vessels. Even those who are enemies to God and hostile to you can be used as fuel for the purpose God has called you to. God will speak over your life and in that crossfire of His words every weapon of the enemy’s will vanish! No weapon formed against you shall prosper!! That is if you are in alignment with His will.

The wisdom of God is that there’s purpose in the people He introduces to us. There’s rhyme and reason to every single rhythm and every season.

God uses people to mold and to shape us. To call us out of our own comfort. To correct and redirect us when we fall off the path. To speak direct words of truth in love. You should know just who this God is. He’s ONE OF A KIND. INCREDIBLE. Better than your best dream of what He could be. He takes GOOD and mighty pleasure in using people for His purposes, to speak words on His behalf, to be His mouthpiece and to spread the fragrance of the aroma of Christ to all ends of the earth, as the Apostle Paul eloquently said!

Just How Important are People?

So important you will not receive every single blessing, fulfill every ounce of potential and reach the heights He’s called you to without them. Picture a church family. Any Bible-believing church. Picture yourself a part of it. Do you know that when you are in alignment with God’s will you will actually speak words to other members of the body of Christ that will mark their lives, for the rest of their lives?

I mean do you understand the gravity of your words? God adds the weight to our words when we speak them out of His will!!!

It’s insanity to assume people will listen to any and everybody’s advice. But someone who knows you for you, someone who knows you for the person you are and not just how you portray yourself on social media or at a surface level for once a week on a Sunday. THAT person has great influence and authority in their words and the ones they choose to speak and declare over your life. Get close to them. Listen to them. Demons get bound through this! If you aren’t apart of a church, how will you expect to branch out of your comfort zone?

Addictions get handled. People become encouraged and enlivened once again to go out and be the hands and feet of Christ. All in a good church that functions like a family.

That’s why it’s so important to be apart of a local church if you are a believer. You can’t afford to be in the woods on this one. Do soldiers run in their underpants and storm the trenches with a lamp, sword and solitude? How about without any other soldiers to guide them on the battlefield. They need their platoon!

Listen Captain Underpants.

Don’t you realize the battlefield in the spiritual realm is realer and more influential than any other battle in all of human history? It’s just that you can’t physically see it. Only the effects. Which are everywhere!

We’re in this together. Let’s fight together. Lift somebody up in prayer this week. Encourage somebody. Have a real conversation and be encouraged by someone. Pray about it and get up and get moving to look for a church you can be apart of if you have not found one. Be the light to a dark and dim generation. Is your calling any less?


Alex Oram

June 18, 2018


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