“Behold the Man!” What Jesus and Beer have in common

This short blog is not going to hit on all my own views on alcohol or why I make the decisions I do about it. All I will say is that I don’t believe drinking is a sin, drunkenness is. We’ve all made mistakes. Some have involved unwavering consistency in this area. It’s not my place to judge. God is a fair, patient, and restorative judge.  I will only tell you a recent exchange I had:

“Don’t Roof-Rack Me Bro”

As I pulled in to my apartment complex one Saturday night, I noticed a guy lingering around the trunk of his car, guarding a 6 pack of beer cans like a mama lioness around her cubs, pacing back and forth, looking left and right, to and fro for signs of a predator. You may laugh and I definitely did. You may completely understand doing this. You may say it is totally a sensible sight. You may say “can I have a one?”

I said something along those lines. Grabbing my things from my car I closed the door and started walking, grabbing a tract, smaller than a business card with me. On it, the title said, “Behold the Man” and I’ll include a picture below. I greeted the guy with “I appreciate it man, you really didn’t have to get me all that.” The guy greeted me and laughed. Just then his blonde-haired counterpart came rushing over to the car to handshake and hug his friend. I told him the same line and told both of them I was only kidding, I don’t drink often. “It’s a shame!” Said the blonde-haired guy. “Nah, I don’t really feel the need, you know?” He smiled and we started talking. I told him I wanted to give him something before I left. This was what I gave him:


To my surprise he stopped and read it in front of me. At this point I was thankful because most people just slip it in their pocket or thank me and read it later. The other friend was standing there awkwardly looking at us wondering what would come next, probably wondering what was going on and hoping it would end. It is through this perceived “awkwardness” that I believe we need to push through in order to see break through. Most people won’t evangelize because either they think they don’t “know enough” or “they fear awkward lulls” in the conversation where they’ll be forced to say “I don’t know.” As if they were not human! As if believers didn’t have questions too! How about we be relate-able, relevant and personal. Jesus was all three.

The man, who was probably a few years older than myself, introduced himself as “Warren” and thanked me, and we shook hands and went on our way. I know the tract impacted him though because a look of awe and satisfaction came over him when reading it.

What Jesus and Beer Share

They draw people to themselves at the mere mention of them. “Natty Ice!” A swarm of college freshmen begin sniffing around…”WHERE?!” How is it they have this “power of pull,” this aura to draw people to them?

With beer, you can in fact have too much of it and it will never lead to satisfaction. Think about that. Gratifying and indulging oneself is sin for great reason. It never ends up feeling good. Think hangover. No, not the movie.

For every one or two reasons that you tell me what good alcohol has done for people, I can tell you 1000 or more of the evils it has done. And not alcohol itself, but the effects it has on people. You don’t force people to drink, and thus it is a choice. But drunkenness has destroyed families, marriages, husbands and wives, generations, DNA, children, and the list can go on.

Jesus has destroyed lives too. Lives that were built on themselves, glorying in themselves, trusting in themselves, living contrary to God in every way. Jesus destroys the killer of selfishness that rings in our core SO that now, having demolished pride, we can at last come to him. So that now instead of looking “down on everyone else” we can look up at something much better.

Jesus! It’s usually a “curse word” and it’s no wonder the devil would love to see it fit to be so. The name you call upon for eternal security and salvation of your soul, to become something trampled on by our American society. Yet the name itself has not lost its ring, and calling on The Man has not lost its trans-formative, life-changing power and appeal nor will it ever. God’s Word is for yesterday, today and forever!!!



Written by Alex Oram

August 3, 2018


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