“Fear-Driven or Focus-Led?” A 5 minute Reflection

When fear drives, who’s the passenger? When fear leads, who are the followers?

If fear is the one taking the vehicle in its own direction, its own way, at its desired speed, where are you going?

I’ll tell you where. If you are following fear, then fear is leading you nowhere…nowhere good. Think on this question, ask yourself it today. Right now. Stop what you’re doing because it’s that important. “Am I making choices because I’m afraid of what others think or may say or am I making choices because that’s what I feel led to do?”

“Am I avoiding good, soul nourishing, rest-promoting times because I fear offending that one friend who asked me to do that one thing with them?”

I get it. We’ve been there. I only write about it in the way I do because I know I have too. Yet I’m realizing more and more how refreshing and God-honoring it is to do things led by your focus, not your fears.

After all if you let fears drive you, your fears will redefine you and your focus too.

I’m thankful for the loving accountability of my wife and my church family for helping me with this.

Specifically what I’m learning lately is that social media promotes some of the most “connectedness.” Sure, it may. But only on a surface level. It also promotes the “fear of missing out.” You know, when you haven’t logged into Facebook in over 4 hours and are eager to catch up on what you “missed.”

I’ve known I needed a detox from social media for some time. Little did I know how refreshing that would be. I love social media for what it is. It’s a platform for communication. But it’s not the only one and it’s not the most important. It will never trump your real presence and having a face to face conversation with somebody. Yet it is fun. It is encouraging (depending on whom you follow) and it is uplifting.

Yet you can take it to one extreme far too easily. So here’s to a social media fast. For me, for my family, and for the health of my soul.

The Flesh and the Spirit

If you are familiar with the Bible, even at a surface level, you’ve probably heard of this battle it speaks of: The battle between the “flesh” and the “spirit.” What this means is that when someone learns about Christ, the real Christ found in the Bible, they become more enlightened on Truth, capital T. When they start taking faith-led action steps to place their trust in Christ as Lord and Savior, we say “they invited Jesus into their heart.”

Actually when this happens He gives them a new heart altogether.

For the first time they realize they no longer love the evil they do. The eyes of their heart are now opened to the battle between the “old” and “new” man. God actually places His Spirit in their “inner” man. That person, we’d say, is now saved. Born again entirely, though they may not feel radically changed.

Their body is not. Old desires remain. Sinful tendencies need to be fought against. I say this to say that the “flesh” is something that the believer learns quickly needs to be put to death. What this means is that naturally it won’t feel good to do so. It won’t feel good to your old man. But your SPIRIT, yes your spirit will be thanking you!! It’ll be cheering you on!! For the health of our Spirit/Soul affects all other parts of us. Healthy soul, healthy life.

When taking a social media fast as a believer, remember it’ll not feel good. We put to death the flesh by following the Spirit of God within and neglecting to do whatever “feels right” even though it isn’t. When we refuse to sin. We do it daily. Remember to live by the Spirit, yes The Spirit of God! It’s the best way to live fully! It’s the only way to live fully!

Alex Oram

September 18


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