“Selah” – Rest

Would the world know when to wind down if it weren’t for the sun going first?

Would the streams know where to flow if not for the deer’s thirst?

Would we put a halt to our labor without nature’s nudge?

If the sun stood still we wouldn’t budge.


The drive home…filled with brilliant colors

Radiating a stellar sky; A story set for lovers

A sunset, set to God’s tuning.

The timing of God; We the branches get pruning.

He said “I am the Vine, you are the branches”

Apart from Him we do “busy dances”

Time spent away, what’s the use?

Like a poorly tied knot, not firm only loose

The strength is in the foundation. Mine’s on the Rock.

In Him I place all my stock.


The journey, life, it is adventure or it is average.

The story, life, is a venture or it’s tragic.

Even still, life could never make you

Your decisions do; Trust where they take you


Alex Oram

October 26, 2018 


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