Angels and Angelic Warfare

“And the living beings moved rapidly back and forth like flashes of lightning.”

Ezekiel 1:14 (AMP)

I remember reading a fascinating article about angels and spiritual warfare a few months back. I will leave the link here:

If we could pull back the veil and see into the spiritual world around us, which is unseen, it might forever change our lives. Many people can attest. I think prayer engages us with this spiritual world and with the God of both worlds: the spiritual and the material. I will tell you a story about an experience I recently had which I believe was a glimpse into what happens in the spiritual world. 

I remember talking with my Father-in-Law about the spiritual realm. We talked about how REAL this world is. Fact: The spiritual world is realer than the one we currently reside in. We asked ourselves why God would keep this world so unseen? And as if in perfect fashion we realized a few moments later the answer to our question. 

“God doesn’t want us to be so heavenly minded we’re no earthly good.”

That was our conclusion. I’d heard the quote before but now it was as if those words became alive in a new way just as my Father-In-Law spoke them. If all we thought about was the realm behind the physical, what benefit would we be to those around us and to those we work alongside everyday? We are called to serve people, to love them, and to usher in the Kingdom of God into their lives. 

Like a Flash of Light

It was early in the morning. I don’t know if you could even call it “morning.” About 3:30am! I heard a loud sound outside my window that jolted me awake. My wife remained sleeping. I woke up quickly to see what in the world the noise was. It sounded like a loud wind against the screen of the window, but even more powerful. I peered through the blinds behind our bed expecting snow, maybe rain, a storm! Nothing. To my surprise not anything I could see. Hold on. Within the next second I glanced everywhere for signs of something…anything, and caught the sight of a quick, green flashing “orb” light in the sky which did a quick movement at the speed of light in the next second and was gone. What in the world?

I looked outside the window some more. Nothing. I sat in my bed astonished as I thought about what just happened. I sat thinking about what I just saw. Instantly what I thought of was the experience another blogger friend of mine had in which she experienced an “angelic encounter.” The battle of angels and demons (fallen angels). I will attach it again here in case you missed it the first time:

I am not exactly sure what it was but I know one thing: it was not of this world. Here’s why I think so.

The Actual Power of Prayer

My wife and I started reading a book by my absolute favorite Author: John Eldredge. I’ve read a lot of his books including titles such as: “Wild at Heart,” “Waking the Dead,” and “Beautiful Outlaw.” Now when I saw he and his wife had written a book on marriage, I had to get it for my wife and I. It is called “Love and War.” We are about 8 chapters in and yet it is by far the best, most fun, and most insightful book I’ve ever read on the raw, yet beautiful reality of marriage and the battle a husband and wife faces together against the kingdom of darkness. My wife and I go through a chapter a week and the last one we read was on prayer, specifically praying together. It’s so funny that in this chapter he describes how he asked many Christian married couples how many of them prayer TOGETHER. None or very few said they did. In fact my wife and I have done this but have not really made it a habit. Until now. 

Beginning this week we started. The Author talked about how when he and his wife started doing this it was funny how OBVIOUS the enemy’s attacks became. CLEARLY the enemy cannot stand it, which should show you the power BEHIND IT. When a husband and wife pray together there is a multiplied power! It was only confirmation that he and his wife were battling well and developing a united front. The first time he and his wife began doing this their son was downstairs and broke his arm. Other couples recounted stories as well of weird “coincidental” things happening, like phone calls in the middle of it. They were not coincidence. It was spiritual war.

The very day after my wife and I started this routine she got a flat tire. Like one of my Pastors says, sometimes a flat is a flat but other times that same flat tire is spiritual warfare. 

Anyway this week has been filled with peace. Supernatural peace. I literally can’t describe it but it has not been an ordinary week and I absolutely attribute this to our united prayer together. I tell you though, on that night when I awoke as something like the sound of strong wind hit our window, it is funny this would happen during our first week of united prayer.  

I have an active imagination so I can think of many things it could’ve been. What seems most reasonable though is that there was “war in the heavenly realm.” The glimpse I caught of the lightning-like flash was either an angel or demon darting off. Perhaps I caught the glimpse of a spiritual battle. Angels move at the speed of light. I feel like right then we were being protected by an angel, and the sound I heard was probably the aftershock of whatever battle was going on in the spiritual. When I say “angelic warfare” I mean this because in reality, demons are “fallen angels.” There are “good angels” and bad angels. It’s truly fascinating. Above all, let us remember the Creator of them. He gave them free will and he gave us free will as well. Remember we are special to God, for we are the only Creation that He desires to walk with and have a relationship with, for angels are created to serve God. Though they do have free will. Let this be a reminder to pray. Prayer is our weapon. Prayer is power beyond this realm. And what power it is. 

Alex Oram


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