‘Free your Mind’: The Cost of Drugs and What they Cannot Do

It’d be more helpful if I was writing this as someone with the perspective of first-hand experience. Unfortunately, yet thankfully I cannot give you that perspective because of my lack of experience with drugs. I am thankful for this though. At the same time I know close friends who have and can tell you what they’ve said.

It’s Not Freedom if you Need Freedom from it

I want to speak to the adage here that says “Free your mind.” Recreational and even heavy drug-users may use it as a proponent of substances. I thought about this for a second the other night. I thought through it and arrived at this conclusion:

Drugs offer the illusion of a truly ‘freed mind,’ yet it’s not freedom if you then have to ‘get free’ from the thing that promised you freedom.

Sure, any substance can give you a “short burst” of relaxation or whatever feeling you’re seeking. But feelings fade. Feelings come and go. Seek that which is lasting instead, seek joy. Joy is not dependent on fleeting feelings, rather “joy” is tried, tested, and comes out with a lumber backbone regardless of circumstances.

Some may push back, “I can stop whenever I want. Besides, everything is good in moderation.” To which I’d reply:

It is this level of thinking that does not cultivate a culture of freedom but one of chains, having the capacity to keep people in cycles of complacency, mediocrity and false comfort.

Just what bar are you setting for yourself if you strive to live in the comfort of whatever drug you are using? How about for your children? Is that the life you want to model? A mirage is a false vision of what you think you will get, but the result is different. That is what drugs are.

Pastor, Author, and thinker Levi Lusko said it like this:

“The devil works from the outside in deceiving people by offering them short bursts of pleasure whereas God works from the inside out offering long-term, eternal lasting pleasure.”

How true it is. I’ve walked alongside and have come to know some of my closest confidants, those of whom have walked through the battle to sobriety. Some are still in the midst of the warfare, battling hard. Others have come out victorious. I say these things with a love for them AND for drug-users, as we are less likely to judge that which we understand.

One of my close friends told me this. “Marijuana is a false god (lowercase g).” I can imagine.

One of my top warnings to those who would seek out false comfort in drugs is that they are absolutely a portal for the demonic. Think about it. The very battleground of spiritual warfare is the mind. The mind “freed” is like the puppy going for a walk you “free.” It has nowhere to go and can barely return safely to its owner. It will get lost, stolen or taken. Take back your mind by taking control of it. Allow Christ to come in and give you a renewed mind and true freedom by following Him.

“It is for freedom that Christ set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1 NIV

The type of transformation Jesus brings is at the level of our soul AND thoughts.

“Demons and angels work at the speed of thought.”

A changed mind brings a changed life. That is why the word “repentance” in the Greek actually means to change one’s mind. To reposition it to God and His views. To relinquish our own view on a matter and to exchange it for a better one, even if we do not yet fully trust that God’s view will indeed be the better one. Simple obedience to God brings profound blessing, that of which God promises for an eternity.

When we turn to God, and agree with him that we sin, and trust that He is good like He says He is and follow Christ, accepting Him as Lord over our lives and Savior of our sin, we are redeemed in a moment. Redemption takes a moment. It’s worth it and lasts a lifetime, with us remaining in Him. More than that, an eternity. He’s worth it. God is so good.

Alex Oram

Feb. 1, 2019

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