Unity in 2019: Bold Predictions, Watch It Unfold

*I started this post a little over a week ago* to today (2/7/19) before more events unfolded.

I know what you’re thinking? What in the world and how exactly in the world will that be? Unity? With the state of things right now? I like how another blogger put the state of division we are seeing in a recent post: “Beauty Beyond Bones” blogger said this about the media:

“They struck a match in the tinderbox of our divided American country, and set fire it did.”

A YouTube video came up in my que about a week ago that showed a man, one year ago from last week, standing up on a pulpit and declaring things he said God showed him that would happen in 2019. He said “The Spirit of God said that there will be a shutdown in your government” and other things like “they will try to destroy what this administration is doing but will not be able to do it.” Honestly I was skeptical. By the end, I was struck with amazement by the fact that a year later, we were seeing the shutdown take place.

Did he know something we didn’t? I’ve heard many people ‘prophesy many things.’ I wouldn’t trust a good amount of them. However with this man in particular I am paying close attention and would say God knew something we didn’t, and chose to reveal a sliver of that to the man. And the shutdown in the government indeed came to pass! I don’t simply believe everything every Christian prophesies but I was in awe as the shutdown had been underway and what this man said had come to pass. Before you begin to become confused or count the man off as “whacky” let me say that what this man did was “prophesy.”

Have you ever heard of the term “prophecy?” If you are not familiar, it is a Biblical term and point blank it means to “forth-tell,” or to foretell or to speak of something that will happen in the future.

Think about how much God knows? God knows everything and we know a sliver of that. It is my firm belief that God speaks revelation to Christ followers today that will in fact come to pass in the future. This isn’t a “fortune-telling gift” or some freaky, mystical magical thing. No my friends, fortune telling is the KNOCKOFF, the counterfeit not from God. This gift of prophecy is actually something God can do through people, though I don’t believe He does it through many. Not only to tell of future events but to remind people He loves them. Prophets in the Bible were given to declare the “Word of the Lord,” or in other words, what God knew was going to unfold in the world and what God wanted the people to do about it. Typically the prophets would warn the people of it so that they could repent and turn to God.

The man who prophesied in the video I spoke about is Hank Kunneman. Hank and his wife, Brenda, travel together and speak at church conferences, churches and more. Hank has went on to make several other videos about what he believes God told him will happen in 2019. I want to propose that these will in fact take place. I could be wrong but given the things he said, I’ve already seen much come to pass. One is that there will be “a split in the donkey party” as he put it because of deception of some of the people there. He emphasized the word “extreme” and said that is one word we will see constantly in the headlines. I try to stay clear of politics and voicing my opinions, honestly. I am not so much “political.” I’d rather voice my opinions on my faith above else, so indeed I do. However this gets interesting this week as we are seeing Democratic leaders take “extreme” stances and other leaders have allegations and blatant pictures of them wearing “blackface” come out. I go back to the video of Hank prophesying this. He said it probably a month ago if I remember correctly. You can YouTube it to see. Another is that there will actually be a unity between Republicans and Democrats on a matter of “health care” that will SHOCK the world. Interesting. We will see.

My friends, do not ignore these words. Watch and if they unfold, give the praise and the glory to God who chooses some of His children to reveal these things to before they even come to pass. Do not marvel at the people who prophesied, rather at the God who knows all things. For if this is God speaking through Hank, truly it is NOT for 

Hank’s “glory” as Hank couldn’t have known it without God’s revelation to him.

Alexander Oram

Post started on January 29, 2019

Published Feb. 7th, 2019

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