Social Media and Authenticity

What you need is FREEDOM; Freedom from the person you think you should be because you’re looking at all of the people around you who aren’t giving you the reality of who they are, so all you see is the highlights and the “big time exposure” and the fancy things about others, so you’re constantly guilting yourself to believe you need to be something else when God just wants you for Himself.

-Michael Dow, “Burning Ones” Ministries

Hello! If that doesn’t hit like a ton of bricks, I may have to throw a few more in the following sections. I love a strong word because only a tough word of truthfulness can break through our complacency and mediocrity of everyday, mundane living. Let’s be honest about it, social media has done so much good for us. We can feel connected to friends and family we have not connected with in awhile. It allows those who are humble influencers to use their platform for good. It allows us to change the world with a changed perspective, and to share our perspective with others.

The Downside

It also allows us to show only the “highlight reel.” Instagram is the worst in my opinion. Look at Instagram for long enough on a bad day and you might just literally get depressed. That of course depends, though, on who you follow and what you focus on. You could be following some great accounts. The problem is the harm it does too. I’m a guy and I’ll be real here. It’s time we get authentic about who we are on social media. For men, the battle with lust is certainly one every man must face and the type of stuff that passes for “photography” on Instagram would better be called “free pornography.” Much is sadly self-focused, self-driven, self-gratifying attempts to receive praise and accolades so that one may feel better about themselves because they don’t think much of themselves.

A man or woman might receive 10,000 likes and still not like themselves.

Alex Oram

Instagram has become a monsoon of temptation for men that they just can’t rid themselves from. It is to an individual to decide if they should rid themselves of it for the sake of the health of their soul. And to also decide whether to rid themselves permanently or temporarily.


It’s time we soak in authentic living. It’s time we get real with people about our struggles. As a Christian I know I want to do this more and to show people I’m a real person who lives in authentic relationship with a real God who gets me through and not just helps me “survive” but to walk in actual victory!

I said I’d bring you more. Here’s another brick about the façade of social media:

We think we can “be anybody” as long as we post the right thing. So I get you to “think” something about me I don’t even believe because if I did believe it, it wouldn’t matter what you thought and I wouldn’t need to post anything for you to see because I already know what I see and I know what it is that God me to be so I don’t need to prove it to you in order to validate me. I’m ALREADY validated by God.

Michael Dow, “Waiting on God” sermon

I love this because I think we need to expose the façade we often see on social media in order to bring healing. Social media has done wonders for us but it has also brought hurt and comparison syndrome to so many young people. The great part is that when we focus on authentic living and share our life from that place, people will begin to see and we can ignite an entire movement. I believe we are beginning to see this movement more and more. Let us be world changers and planet shakers.

I think that people would rather have a disagreement with someone they deem is being authentic than an agreement with someone they think is telling them what they want to hear.

Kris Vallotton, Authenticity

Alex Oram

February 15, 2019

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